Equipment Loan Program

Antigonish County Recreation (ACR) offers an extensive equipment loan program that incorporates a variety of adapted recreational equipment. This program will allow all of ACR’s equipment to be loaned out without any financial or logistical barriers.

Equity of available programs and services in our community is of the utmost importance and ACR hopes to continue to support community members of all abilities in recreation pursuits. Our main goal with this program is to enhance accessibility in the community by increasing opportunities for fun and healthful recreational activities for people of all abilities.

Antigonish County Recreation
For more information or questions on borrowing equipment please see the catalogue below and contact us!

Available for Loan


Sledges are used to allow participants to enjoy a game of hockey or simply glide on the ice in a seated position. The sledges are equipped with a push bar as well as hockey sticks to help the rider propel themselves forward. Great equipment for riders with limited mobility or compromised balance.


A Hippocampe is an all terrain wheelchair that gives its rider a sense of freedom to go anywhere and enjoy the great outdoors. Lightweight, compact, waterproof, & buoyant, this wheelchair provides accessibility to difficult terrain including the beach, snow, sand & mountains. It can be pushed or self-propelled and has a weight restriction of 250lbs-300lbs.

Stand Up Paddleboard (SUP)

The SUP’s come with a high pressure pump and pressure gauge allowing you to quickly inflate your SUP anywhere. All SUP’s have nose, tail and center carry handles, ¾” length diamond groove pad, elastic deck-rigging, D-ring for leash attachment, center fin and side fins. 

More Details

We have the following Stand Up Paddleboards available:

  • 1x – 9’ (weight capacity 200lbs)
  • 3x  – 9’8” (weight capacity 220lbs.)
  • 2x – 10’ (weight capacity 250lbs.)
  • 3x – 10’6” (weight capacity 260 lbs.)
  • 1x – 11’3” (weight capacity 265lbs.)

Snow Coach

A Snow Coach is a great sled for those who need lateral support and have good head, neck, & trunk support. The sled has a padded seat, safety straps, raised back support, a head rest,  steel runner, and a push handle.

Mobi Chair

Mobi Chair is a high quality, adjustable beach wheelchair that provides a seamless transition from boardwalk-to-beach-to-water for riders with low mobility. Equipped with large wheels, safety straps, & a push bar. Wheels and arm rests act as floatation devices allowing the rider to float in the water. The Mobi chair has a weight restriction of 300Ibs.


The Triad TMX T-5 is a robust tricycle suited for older children with an overall height of47″(120cm) to 57″(145cm). It is fitted with 20″wheels and has a recommended maximum weight of 150lbs.

The FRE DCP16 is a tricycle small enough for younger children but adaptable to fit most kids. Its direct drive and low gear – ratios make pedaling easy for beginners. Maximum weight of 150lbs.


The TerraWheel is designed with the goal to provide the most versatile options for wheelchair users to maximize their outdoor experience and enjoy outdoor activities to their full ability.

Personal Flotation Device-Adapted (PFD-A)

PFD-A’s combine the safety of other PFD’s while also providing extra head support. They allow the user to float while lying on their back and are difficult to overturn.

LJ-A’s are a PFD that supports the upright position for disabled person. It allows the user to swim comfortably on their stomach and to float on their back.

Adapted Bike

AS 2000 is an adapted bike designed for riders age 14+. Fitted with 20″ wheels and 7 speeds to give the option of selecting easy or challenging pedaling. Suitable for those with inseam 23″ -34″ and maximum recommended weight is 225Ibs.

Adaptive Canoe Equipment

Adaptive canoe equipment including lashing bars to join two canoes together creating a stable platform to fish, motor, or sail. Canoe stabilizer floats are universal and designed to keep the canoe stable and upright.

Drop in seats that are lightweight, durable and made of a strong aluminum frame holding up to 300lbs.

Personal Floatation Device (PFD)

Personal Floatation Device (PFD) are available in 4 different sizes and they allow users to stay afloat. Sizes are infant, child, youth and adult.

 Nordic Walking / Trekking Poles

Help to propel you forward while providing traction and stability with their bell shaped hand grips.

Bikes, Scooters, and Helmets

A variety of bicycles, scooters and helmets in various sizes.


Baseball, Soccer, Basketball.

Outdoor Lawn Games

Bocce Ball, Washer Toss, Horseshoes, Jumbo Dice Game, Bean Bag Toss, Glow in the Dart Lawn Darts, Disc Slam, Spike Ball, Connect 4, & Tic Tac Toe

Community Bags

May include Skipping ropes, scoops, balls, pylons, and/or hoola hoops.


Over 70 pairs in varying sizes.

Ice Skates and Helmets

Large selection of ice skates and helmets in various sizes.

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