Online Physical Activities

Check the list below to get MOVING!!

FB Heathy Tomorrow Foundation Offers a post called “Alphabet Challenge Activity”.  They post daily, first thing in the morning, both a low impact or high energy version of guided workouts.
Get Fit as You Sit Workout  A simple workout you can do while sitting at work or at home.  It is a quick way to add a little physical activity to your day.
Kickstarter (beginner workouts)  To kickstart new at-home routines, this is an easy workout you can do at home.
Health-Boosting Workout  A total body, moderate intensity workout that can be done in 10-15 minutes.  All you need are 2-3lb. hand weights (or something from around the house, like soup cans or filled water bottles).
Facebook Live Fit Breaks  Stay active.  Stay Healthy.
Physical Activity Resource Guide  15 ways for you and your family to stay active at home.
Go! Live workouts  Workouts led by PEI instructors.  All activities have been designed for you to complete at home with little to no equipment.
Goodlife Fitness Online Workouts  Live and virtual Group Fitness classes
Athletics Nova Scotia Virtual Competition  Weekly virtual competitions
Run Jump Throw Wheel Home Edition  Teaches the FUNdamental movements skills of running, jumping, throwing and wheeling(for children in wheelchairs) using track and field inspired games, activities and skill challenges.
Cosmic Kids Yoga  Yoga, mindfulness and relaxation designed specially for kids aged 3+, used in schools and homes all over the world.
NS Ask Project Incorporate playful physical activity into home-based lessons with these fun videos!
At Home Obstacle Course Create a fun and challenging obstacle course with household items, obstacle courses can be a great way to work on fundamental movement skills.
Strength Training & Cardio for Personal Fitness
Gives you the importance of aerobic exercise for health, cardiovascular activities for kids, strength training for all ages, etc






































































































































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